Stinger Wi-Fi is a reliable and economical wireless Internet service for the active consumer. The service does not require a router to lease or purchase and there are NO data caps or usage limits. Stinger Wi-Fi can be utilized to connect all the devices in your apartment while maintaining privacy and security.

The service is provided in select apartment complexes, commercial and public buildings in Emporia and is powered by the ValuNet FIBER Internet backbone network. Throughout each apartment complex Wi-Fi transmitters have been installed to provide a consistent and reliable wireless signal to all areas of the complex.

Each Stinger Wi-Fi user creates their own personal account. This account provides a private network connection for each individual user with a total of 150 - 50Mbps of bandwidth and no data limits. On this private network, a user can register and operate up to 8 devices.

These devices include virtually any Wi-Fi compatible device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Roku streaming device, PlayStation, or Xbox. The Stinger WiFi user has the ability to move throughout the building, or complex, and maintain the same reliable connection.

Stinger Wi-Fi may be purchased on a month to month basis or for longer terms based on the needs of the user.